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Office for Mac 2011 solves some known issues with full-screen options and autosave. My excel is terribly slow so I'm wondering will this update fix that?

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Hi Good Day.

I think this is the problem of your machine. I think your machine is little bit slow. But if you please mention that- are you face any problem with another softwares like that, it would be better to solve this problem.

I think the update of Office for Mac 2011 may not solve this problem; it  may run slower after update.

So I recommend that you reinstall your Office for Mac 2011 program after removing the previous version.


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If Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 is a fresh installation, make sure your computer meets all the requirements. Microsoft Office for Mac 2011, any edition, requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard and higher. If you were able to install it then that means you have a supported operating system. All editions of Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 also have the same requirement for the memory which is 1 GB.

Check your computer if the memory is enough to run Microsoft Office. Normally, if you only have exactly 1 GB RAM there should be no problem. Before Microsoft Office can even use the memory, the remaining RAM will be less than 1 GB because the system uses some of it. And if you have other startup applications, the remaining RAM will be much smaller.

If you run Microsoft Office, it might perform a little slower in this condition because of the amount of memory it can use. You can close other applications running in the background to free up some memory space and possibly improve the performance of Microsoft Office. On the other hand, adding more RAM or upgrading the memory of your computer will be much better.

Sharath Reddy