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Hello all,

Here is my problem. I connected my PC to my TV via an HDMI cable all went well I have the sound and image against by the image of my PC on my TV and zoomed in on my big TV in my office PC. I do not see the taskbar or the icon on the rate.

I asked for advice on another forum and it said I had to go to the display panel of my graphics card and adjust the resolution. My problem is when I open the NVIDIA display panel this message appears: The NVIDIA Display Panel extension cannot be created. Possible reasons include: Version mismatch.

Will reinstalling the display drivers solve the problem?

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It is a very easy problem you just have to resize the display on your computer. For your NVIDIA uninstall it and reinstall the program then go to desktop and right click then go to properties and click the setting tab on the bottom left you will see the screen resolution option.

This will allow you to adjust the display on your computer just lower the resolution to just about 1152 by 864 pixels or 800 by 600 pixels.

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hi there,
This problem occurs when trying different hardware configurations .i.e hybrid SLI with two low range cards with different cores and using an outdated drivers.
To remedy the problem, first download and install driver sweeper and download the latest nvidia driver. Later on uninstall the existing drivers and reboot, then run driver sweeper to remove any traces of the old driver, afterwards install the driver and reboot and your problems should be solved