Numbers not displaying what I press on the keyboard

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Hello techyv,

I have a problem with my laptop keyboard.  Everytime I type a number, it doesn't reflect the correct number like number one is '1, and number two does not have an output at all.

Please help!

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Numbers not displaying what I press on the keyboard


Hello Sean Bowman,

Judging from what you said, your problem might have been accidentally triggered by you pressing the function key along with the num key which switches the functions from letters to num pad so don't bother going to service centers or have to pay an IT guy, unless its a friend. I have experienced this same problem before and a solution worked for me. To solve this problem, try pressing the function key and num key again to revert the functions of the number keys on your laptop. If the problem persists, try pressing function key and the scroll key instead of the num key.

I hope this helps.

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