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We had a power outage last night and when I turned on my computer and checked my facebook account I am seeing little squares. I tired restarting my computer, cleared browser history but it still won’t work. Can someone please help me out? I haven’t changed anything for the past 24 hours as I can recall. And it is neither a facebook problem nor an ISP problem since my friend on the same neighbourhood and ISP has no problems at all.

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I have read your problem and I know exactly what you are dealing here with. The reason why you are only seeing little squares right now on your Facebook account is because your computer is not reading the font on the website that you are visiting. This also means that the font on the website that you are on right now is not currently installed on your computer.

Now, this problem is not only applicable to the Facebook website. This could also happen to all other websites that uses a font not installed in your computer. So what you need to do to resolve this issue is to download the font that Facebook is using. They should be using Tahoma.

Here is a link where you can download Tahoma.
This should resolve your problem; try also using Firefox as a browser. If everything else fails, please do a System Restore. Just restore it to the date when your computer was still working fine.

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The little squares (box font), that you mentioned, found when opening your facebook occurs when a computer does not recognize or cannot read the language used by the site. Box font usually is for Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Koreans. So, try to check the language set in your facebook account and see if your computer is able to read that said language.

If box font still occurs after checking the language and ensuring that it can be read by your computer, then this might be caused by a virus. Make sure that you anti-virus is up-to-date and try scanning your computer.

Hope this helps.