How to secure my Internet Connection via shared router?

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My roommate and I share the same connection, via a wireless router. He was letting me see how he can see all the data coming in and out, the messages that I have been sending out through instant messaging were also there, which was ok at the moment.

For secured websites he couldn’t see anything only the IP address. I would like to have some privacy, would that be possible?


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How to secure my Internet Connection via shared router?


Hi Louie Jay,

  • I have read your issue and I totally agree with you, that you should have privacy. The thought of being constantly monitored by your roommate is not comforting to know. If you want security, then we have to sacrifice your convenience here.
  • The best solution here would be to use Ethernet connection, through a switch. With this kind of set-up, your roommate won’t be able to monitor your incoming and outgoing data being sent to the router.
  • If you opt to choose wireless connection, there are free Virtual private network services available, that will make your connection secured and with encryption. But the provider of this service can pull up the data if they want to.
  • Using proxies/https/proxies would also encrypt your connection, but your internet service provider would still know. Your problem here is just to secure it from your roommate.  So, so far the best solution here would be, doing a hardwired connection through a switch.

I hope this helps.

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How to secure my Internet Connection via shared router?

  • If you want to use a secure connection, then you can use a firewall setting and it will not allow other users to see your activities.
  • You can even set your own IP and it will react as a different computer.
  • I exactly don’t know what your problem is, is your computer infected with some virus or simply your room mate is accessing your files or even he is able to see your network traffic. In your case, it looks like you are getting the last problem of getting insured for your network traffic. So you can delete your internet history every time you visit your website.
  • You can set a home page as Goggle and just type your sites in that, the other PC will not detect it. A firewall will solve your problem better.

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