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Hello TechyV,

Hello, techyV people, I am using a Nokia X3-00 mobile phone, sometime and indeed most of the time I try to play music, the music just stops and the screen turns white and blank. Sometimes it blinks on and off and will still remain on some other times it switches off completely. what  can I do to fix this problem?



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Dear Steve.

The issue may arise due to the over load of data in your cell phone like music files, photos, videos and other stuff, that's why your mobile phone got hanged by showing black and white screen. May be this problem is due to the software in the cell phone, this problem could be sort out by Flashing your cell phone. If your issues is not getting solved then this is the fault of the NOKIA company you can complain to the company by using your warranty card if it has warranty remains.

Regards Dainna.

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There might be a circuit problem in your mobile. Something is loose in the hardware of mobile. Check and fix that. There can also another reason of battery. The battery of your mobile is heats up when you use it the most or tries to open some heavy appliances like playing a song or opening java games or camera. So try to replace the battery and then use it. There can also be some kind of virus in your mobile, so try to scan it or in severe case you have to restore the settings or get your mobile flashed completely.