Nokia Lumia 900 camera button problem.

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I just bought a new Nokia Lumia 900 and now I am facing a problem with its camera button. 

Upon pressing the camera button in "sleep" state, the camera app does not launch automatically. 

I tried changing the settings several times but still it does not work for me. 

Any clue whether it is a faulty hardware or a bug in Operating System?

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Nokia Lumia 900 camera button problem.


Hello Kevin,

This same incident happen to my friend's Nokia 900, when I search for it I see that it is a common problem for all Lumia 900 users.

I searched a lot and I find some solutions for this problem, read it below :

  • The first way is to press that button for a long time, if you press like that the hardware problems will not bother you. So press the button for a little long time.
  • Next way is to press the button once as normal and release it and again press it for a while. This way work in some peoples. So also try this.
  • The last way is to restart the phone for a few times which will give an instant relief from this problem.

The Nokia says that this will be cleared when the new firmware installs. So we want to wait until the new firmware releases. Some says it is just a hardware problem which will be cleared by a hardware service. This method is not approved by anyone, but it makes some sense.

Nokia Lumia 900 reported some error like this from its release, let us wait for the new firmware.

I hope you get the answer. Have a nice day.

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