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I am going to buy a new Nokia Asha 302, but I have some doubts about it.

Is it dual SIM compatible ? I heard its in built memory is only 10 MB !!!, is that true ?

What will be its price in India (Approx) ?

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Hi Ashley!

The Nokia Asha 302  has a 2.4 inch display screen and has a 3.2MP camera.

It is sold in India for approximately 6247 rupees or  USD $144.47. 

The phone has a dual sim feature and has an internal memory storage of 100 MB.

Nokia Asha 302 has a battery 3G talk time of 5.9 hours and 830 hours 3G standby time. 

Hope I have helped you with your questions asked.

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Before buying a cellphone, you should first consider what would be the purpose of buying it.

For Nokia Asha  302 phone please see this link for its technical specifications

The price of Nokia Asha 302 phone is approximately 6209 Indian rupee.