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I have Acer desktop model M1460.

I check rams and installed new ones. Tech guy checked power, graphic card. motherboard.

Nothing from motherboard,he says.

New motherboard supply and install £100 is this price o.k. Your comments.

Many thanks John.

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Hey there,

Technically there is not much you can do to it. Because a monitor is not easy to check inside as a CPU. But here are a few tips:

  1. Make sure the graphic card is properly installed and Make sure all cables are properly plugged. Check on another monitor to make sure that the cable is not the problem. If it works with that cable then the problem is the monitor, if it does not then the cable is the problem.
  2. Make sure the power light is on , either color is fine, to let us know the power supply is not an issue. 
  3. If all of these do Not work. Make sure all pins are in because sometimes the pins, where you connect the cable are broken. Hope it helps. 

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  • All computer hardware components are check, RAM, graphic card and motherboard are all checked. So, eliminate the issue on this part. Try working on the wires that connects monitor to the CPU.
  • Monitor says no signal means, the monitor is on but that's it. CPU is not detected of the CPU itself is off.
  • Is your CPU is turned on? If not, then go ahead turn it on. Check the power supply from the CPU to the outlet and or surge protector.

Check wires connect from CPU to the monitor, check if it's plugged in tight. Wiggle it at the monitor side, observe if there are any response.

Replace the cable if it did not help any, consider testing it into different machine.

Sharath Reddy