No Network Connection but Modem is working Properly

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Three weeks ago, I applied for an internet subscription. Now, I have no internet connectivity though the Modem seems to be working properly.

I called the internet provider, but they said my internet is working properly.

What do you think i should do to check if the problem of my connection is in Hardware or Software.

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No Network Connection but Modem is working Properly


All components plays big factor on this issue. This could be a computer's hardware or software problem.

For possible hardware issue

Connects an Ethernet cord from modem to your computer. Modem has lights indicator if the modem or computer detects the devices attached to it.

Check the Local Area Connection status, this should say network or connected.

Go to Start, Control Panel
Click on Network and Internet
Choose Network and Sharing center
Select Change Adapter settings
Local Area connection should say connected

If connected – check IP Address, right click and go to status. Click on Details button and look for Auto-Configuration IPv4 Address. Contact your ISP and ask if this IP address is valid or not.

If status says Limited or no connectivity – this is a caused by either software of the Internet connection itself. Update the Network Card driver and this should change the network status. Or else, let your ISP do a modem reset.

If the status is Network Cable Unplugged – A possible hardware issue, it could be the Ethernet cord, modem rj45 connector or the Network Interface card itself. Replace cord if necessary and let your ISP replaced the modem to further isolate the issue.

Once modem is replaced and still the status is Network Cable Unplugged, then we can say that the problem is on the Network Adapter itself. You need to re-install the Network adapter and or replaced this hardware component.

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No Network Connection but Modem is working Properly


To resolve the issue, you can try to renew your IP address by going to command prompt.

To do this:

  • Click start then type CMD on the search box.
  • Type ipconfig then type  /release
  • Type /renew

To check if you successfully renew your IP just type ipconfig then press enter on the command prompt.

Or better call your ISP Provider and let them help you troubleshoot the issue.

Alternative solution:

Run your anti virus for possible virus attack.

Hope this help.



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No Network Connection but Modem is working Properly


Hi Techdee,

Check the credit balance of your modem. If you are using prepay account, then your modem could be out of credit and so you need to recharge it. Otherwise check the signal strength of the network/internet connection. If it is too slow then that could be the possible cause of the problem. In this case you can try restarting the modem and see if the signal becomes stronger.

You can also ping the connection status of your modem, just to start, then run:

  • In run, type CMD and then press enter
  • In the command line, type, ping
  • Check if packets are being transmitted with a loss, or everything is working properly.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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No Network Connection but Modem is working Properly


There are two possible problem need to be resolve regarding of your problem. First you have to check the device attached to your computer. If you are using router or modem you have to check the configuration of your internet device. Although your physical internet is present but the problem is the router or the modem cannot execute the correct distribution or the destination of your internet connection.

So if all the physical is rightfully correct or properly connected and responding so your next step is to check your software installation provided by your internet provider if it is correctly installed, else you have to reinstall all and see to it that after the installation you have to reboot all your physical devices including the modem or the router and the CPU itself.

Thank you and I hope this helps a lot.

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