No Local Bluetooth Device Was Detected but It’s Enabled

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Hi, I’m Jason. I found my laptop, HP Compaq 2210b, running Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3 not detecting its Bluetooth device. I try to check the device manager, and found the Bluetooth device is enabled. I also could not connect my Bluetooth on my laptop to my Blackberry. My blackberry is fine, since I manage to transfer a file using Bluetooth to and Android device.

So, the question is, Do I suddenly touch or click something that makes my Bluetooth unavailable? Or is it broken? But why do I still found the Bluetooth device indicator on the Device Manager? I’m thinking of reinstall the driver, but I could not found the driver. Any suggestion would be great.

I’m so desperate to make my Bluetooth on my laptop working again. Cheers.

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No local Bluetooth device was detected

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No Local Bluetooth Device Was Detected but It’s Enabled


There’s a possibility that “Radio” is not listed in the “Bluetooth Radios” in your “Device Manager”

First make sure that your  transceiver is plug, because if it is not plug, you will not be able to see the “Bluetooth radios” in your Device Manager, go check if it is plug.

After checking if it is plug, try to search the “Bluetooth Radios” in your “Device Manager”  by going to “Start” then press “Run”

(See the image below)

Then input devmgmt.msc then press “OK”

Now start looking for “Bluetooth Radios”

Also check if there are some other USB devices that are directly attached in your hardware, that caused your transceiver to not acquire the  enough power for your Bluetooth device. So try to detach the other USB devices while using your Bluetooth devices.

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No Local Bluetooth Device Was Detected but It’s Enabled


This may just be a temporary glitch on the machine that’s why it is unable to detect the device.

Have you tried restarting the computer yet and checked if it is able to detect the device after?

After you’ve tried it and it still does not work try to uninstall and reinstall the Bluetooth card’s drivers.

This should refresh the driver as well as the files associated with the Bluetooth device and should refresh it.

Try to restore your BIOS to defaults as well or update it to the latest version.

Otherwise you may need to reinstall Windows to finally fix the problem.

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