Updated the bios on my laptop- unable to access windows

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Dear All, 

I recently updated my laptop specifications and found an update for the inboard bios online. I decided to try to install it as it was assumed to fix the fan speed. Upon installation, my laptop cannot get past the windows loading screen and seems to freeze. Can somebody please provide me with a solution. Can i please preserve my data?

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Updated the bios on my laptop- unable to access windows


The answer is YES, you can still save your data unless you reformatted your hard drive, if not then try to fix your Windows first as this is the simplest way.

1.   First thing you should do is restart your laptop and enter into the BIOS setup, (usually Press “Delete”, “F2” or “Esc” key) then navigate to “Restore/Load Default Settings”, it is often located at “Save Settings and Exit” tab then save settings and reboot.

2.   If Windows still freezes in the loading screen, then reboot your laptop again.

3.   Just after the BIOS loading screen, (if enabled, to load at start-up) and before the screen goes blank/black, press F5 consecutively until the advance boot option screen is loaded.

4.   Select “Repair Your Computer

5.   Then Windows will load up the startup repair console and follow the user-friendly instructions.

If successful, then you can load Windows, browse your folders and back up your data.

If it still doesn’t work, then we proceed to dismantle part “Caution: only do this if you confident and possesses a good memory

1.   Search the web from a working PC/laptop and try to find videos for your laptop brand/model in how to remove your hard drive.

2.   After successful removal of your hard drive, then you can connect this to your working PC and back up your important data and laptop drivers as well. (You’ll be needing these updated drivers to re-installing your Windows)

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