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Some times when I am selecting with the ‘Browse for folder’ an error message comes up with ‘Disk not found’. Usually when downloading and selecting the folder through the ‘Browse for Folder’, this is coming.

Please help me to find out the problem. I will thankful for all help and support.

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The probable problems are:

a.       Windows somehow got damaged. You need to reinstall the Windows 2000 again.

b.      There may be a Bad Sector in your hard drive.

c.       There is also the possibility of Virus attack.

My suggestions are:

a.       Install a Fresh Windows 2000 XP. If there is no 2000 available then install Windows XP.

b.      Repair the Bad sector of Hard disk. If it is un-repairable then replace the Hard disk.

c.       After a Fresh Windows is installed, install an Antivirus (with internet security option) and scan the whole PC. Do not use any backup software to install (i.e. motherboard driver, downloader software, which is copied in the hard disk). Install these softwares from CD copy. This way there will less chance of virus attack from previous HDD-software-collection.


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