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Nike Fuelbank vs Fitbit vs UP24

Which of these are better. Can i have a side by side comparison

What devices are compatible with which

What would the best buy be?

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Here is the comparison of the respective specs of the fitness bands concerned:

Nike FuelBand SE

Fitbit Force


Colors are volt, pink, foil, crimson, black

Black and slate

Onyx, mint green, blue, light grey, navy blue, red, orange and hunter green

small at 5.79 in/ 147 mm, medium – large at 6.77 in/ 172 mm, and extra large at 7.76 in / 197 mm

small at 5.5 - 6.9 in or 140 - 176 mm and large at 6.3 – 8.2 in or 161 – 209 mm

small at 5.5 – 6 in or 14 – 15.5 cm, medium at 6 – 7 in or 15.5 – 18 cm, and large at 7 – 8 in or 18 – 20 cm

Custom fitting links for a better fit

Very light in weight which makes you forget you’re wearing it

Real time progress visibility

Real time progress visibility

Environmental light sensor

Comes with Nike+ FuelBand App

Compatible with Mac and PCs, most explorer and mobile OS

Comes with Jawbone Up App

Water resistant

Water resistant

Water resistant

Price is at $149



Includes activity tracking such as sleep, nap, drink, food and can schedule alarm to wake you up

With motion sensors

As far as the best buy is concerned, it depends. If you are the sporty type, then it is Nike FuelBand. If you are the simplistic type and you don't need anything fancy, you should go for Fitbit. If you are into function, then Up24 is for you.