Monitor Screen becomes blank after cleaning

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Hi folks,

Two days ago I removed the grille to clean the fan full of dust. I turned back and all worked. Then I came back and when turning it black screen then nothing appeared. I removed the graphics card and when I turn on, the screen is blank.

So my question is that the graphics card that passed away or can it come from another problem? Thank you for your answers.

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Monitor Screen becomes blank after cleaning



Hi Ben,

There could be several reasons why your screen may be blank. Here are some of the simple ones which are related to what may have happened during the cleaning. Since there seems to be nothing wrong with the actual software system.

I notice that you only mentioned removing and returning the graphics card. Did you check the cables going from the CPU to the monitor? As simple as it may be, these things do happen. Check the cables and see if they are fitted properly. Also check for any pins that might have been bent or worse, broken. If so, then just carefully straighten the pin(s) that are bent, or buy a new compatible cable. Check first if the broken half of the pin is not stuck inside the female end where the cable is connected.

How did you clean the inside of the computer? Did you use a brush?

  • Using a brush may damage or unintentionally move some small components of the chips or board such as capacitors. You may have brushed a little too hard and created static electricity which can toast the electronic parts.

Compressed air to blow out the dust?

  • Using compressed air is the best way to remove dust inside. This effectively eliminates the dust without causing any static electricity and physical damage to the parts.

Your mouth to blow the dust out?

  • Using your mouth to blow out air is quite dangerous. Tiny particles of saliva come out whenever we blow out air. These particles may not be visible to the naked eye, but it does happen. And all it takes is one particle of liquid to land on the right spot to short out the electronic parts.

Did you ground yourself before touching the parts inside?

  • Grounding yourself is one of the things you must always do especially if you have been in contact with fibrous furniture such as a carpet and chairs with fur on them. These things can create static electricity and can travel through your body. If you are unknowingly electrically charged and you touch sensitive parts of the computer, then there is a high chance that you will toast it.


  • Also check the heat sink or the cooling fans of the computer if they are functioning as they should. If the computer gets too hot or the fans isn't providing enough air, this may also be the reason why your computer is not functioning properly.
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Monitor Screen becomes blank after cleaning




These are the following tips that can help you to solve your problem.


  1. Ensure that the monitor is attached to the computer and power source. Check to see that the video and power cords are securely connected to the monitor as well. Make sure any surge protector or power strip it is attached to is powered on and plugged in.
  2. Try adjusting the brightness via controls on the monitor. I once obtained a monitor which seemed to no longer work, but someone had turned its brightness control turned all the way down for some unknown reason.
  3. Most monitors have a power indicator. If this isn't lighted, the monitor could have a bad power switch or button. Try turning it on and off until you can get it to power on, then tape over the button/switch (to remind yourself not to press it), and instead use a surge protector to control power to it.
  4. Look across the back of the computer to see if there are any other VGA ports; there may be one associated with a video card and another attached to a built-in video adapter on the motherboard. Try using the other port if there is one.


  1. Make sure the video cable is not loose on either end; not long ago, I had a monitor that was displaying everything in shades of blue, just because the video cable was loose (but still plugged in).
  2. Adjust the contrast control. If the monitor has on-screen settings, it may be possible to change the levels of red, blue, and green as well. It is usually not necessary to adjust these after they are set properly.
  3. If one or more dots are blank or always a particular color, you may have a "stuck" or "dead" pixel on an LCD monitor. Various physical and software techniques are available which can sometimes eliminate these.
  4. Try troubleshooting it by connecting the monitor to a different computer; it may be the particular computer, its operating system configuration, or its software that is causing the problems.


  1. Some monitors have vertical and horizontal hold controls, usually on the back. I have never needed to adjust these, but it's possible you might need to.
  2. If problems persist despite trying a different monitor, it is probable that the computer's video card has come loose from its internal socket, especially if it doesn't have a screw holding it in place.
  3. Don't attempt to repair monitors yourself unless you are skilled at this type of work. They retain dangerously high voltages even after they are unplugged.

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