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A wireless audio and telephone headphone which is called the parrot zik is a product of french company has unveiled most recently and we came to know that a noise cancelling technology is adopted here. I want to know more in details and what  the price is fixed for this product even when it will be available in the Indian market?

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The parrot zik company launched its latest brand recently. It has been set the price tag of 340GBP. It will be available in India for the purchase in August.

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I was quite intrigued and its quite funny thinking that this piece of gadget is kind of expensive but the carrying case where you supposed to put it when on the move is only a cheap cloth carrying case. I really don’t get it. For a device that costs $399, you really would not expect a carrying case to be like this. The Parrot Zik is a wireless Bluetooth headphones that has a smooth, eye-catching design and offers an excellent sound.

You can consider this new gadget as the Porsche of Bluetooth headphones. This expensive gadget features active noise cancellation, wireless audio streaming, touch-sensitive controls on the right earpiece, NFC capabilities, removable and replaceable battery, and an application for iOS and Android Smartphones. The application works as a virtual control panel for the headphones.

The Parrot Zik can be folded flat.

The Parrot Zik’s cloth carrying case.

The touch-sensitive controls on the right earpiece.

To know where you can buy it, you may visit c|net | Reviews | Parrot Zik wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Sharath Reddy