New Music Hub of Samsung against I-Phone’s Music Store

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What are the advantages of using Music Hub of Samsung rather than iPhone iTunes? Can Music Hub shares the market greatly from iTunes?

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New Music Hub of Samsung against I-Phone’s Music Store


Samsung’s Music Hub attracts not only the tech savvy but also those iTunes-crazy peeps. For one, the new Samsung baby can use iTunes contents. 

Just realizing that this has a broad “spectrum” in terms of its ability to touch your iTunes content is one big advantage. This has an enormous impact especially when you are used to iTunes already.  

Secondly, in this fast paced technology world we move at, web is already a major company in our daily lives. Music Hub can be used by means of a web browser. Yes, you read that right.

Of course installing iTunes apps to several devices is not that difficult, but web browser is more commonly used making it more of a universal application than the other.

This in turn makes it more accessible and relieving to a user.  This still stands out even for a fact that the Hub is as for now only in Samsung Galaxy S3.

But knowing that this already has 19 million in its catalogue despite being new in the market compared to a long standing iTunes with 20 million already leaves a mark to the users a positive note.

Financially speaking, iTunes is still on the edge though, as Music Hub’s Premium subscription reaches £9.99 a month while Apple’s baby has an optional £21.99 per year subscription.  

But it won’t be long until Samsung’s Music Hub conquers even more than that of the iTunes, not unless Apple stays stagnant, which is quite impossible though. Hope this helped you.

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