IPad battery life cycle dilemma

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I have been searching on Google for ways of prolonging my phone’s battery life and I keep on getting the ‘cycle’ being used all the time. What does it mean? Can I recharge my iPhone to ¾ or even ½ full but not mess my battery life? Why are people saying that I need to plug in the phone while updating apps? How does it affect my battery life cycle?

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IPad battery life cycle dilemma


Since you want to know the life cycle of a battery, here is a fact. The lifespan of a battery is determined by its cycle count. A cycle count is equivalent to charge and discharge or maybe 1 charge and discharge. A Li-Ion battery has an average cycle of about 700 to 800 cycles and normally lasts for around 2 to 3 years.

So, that’s how you can determine the lifespan of your battery. If you are not using a Li-Ion battery on your phone, you probably want to check its average cycle on the internet so you can predict how long it will last. Though laptops and Smartphones are both portable, they are still different with regards to the battery.

For a laptop, it is better that it will stay connected to the charger and use it on AC power than use it on battery. But if you do this on your phone, it will only overcharge the battery and you might end up with a bloated battery in the long run.

On the other hand, when you always use your laptop on battery rather than on AC, it will easily shorten the life of the battery. But with a Smartphone, you are required to use it on battery because always connecting it to the charger can damage the battery like what happened to my old Motorola T2288 which literally burned a device on the phone’s board.

If you want to prolong the life of your battery, just do the proper caring. When you are charging your phone, make sure it is already full before disconnecting the charger. Also, I guess it is better to charge your phone when the battery is already around 20 percent [20%] and below. Normally on Samsung phones, when the battery reaches 20 percent [20%], the phone will begin reminding you that it needs to be recharged.

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