Network Unreachable.My Network is in trouble.

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My Network is in trouble. I have a CISCO Router and I'm using CISCO router configuration. I have 3 computers and I'm using as my Network. My Problem is when I am trying to ping my computer 3, it says "host is unreachable" "request time out". (host IP address is (host 2 IP address is (host 3 IP address is

I have all the requirements, with regard to setting up the network and it is configured correctly as I checked my configurations. I already set the IP address of each host, as well as the subnet mask and I use Static configuration. It freaks me out, when the network cannot ping the hosts, what shall I do? Can you help me with this problem? What would be the steps or methods to solve the problem? hope I can have at least one solution to solve my problem.

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Network Unreachable.My Network is in trouble.


With regards to the problem, you have  been experiencing both Physical and Layer 3 problem. Here are the following strategies that you'll be able to apply in accordance to your problem:

1. Check whether your IP address is not conflicting with other networks. Whether your address is not correctly configured or IP address is mistyped. IP address conflicts, when the address is already existing on another network. Subnet mask will be assigned correctly, if you are using DHCP.  But if you are using STATIC, make sure that the subnetmask that you are assigning is correct.

2. Check if you set a default-gateway to each host. If you set default-gateway it should be the same to all networks.

3. Run the configuration and double check if you correctly assign the ports assignment and link to other host and also check if the IP address is correctly configured to the router. Type the command ping (IP address) to see the status of your connection.

4. Check the cables if they are correctly connected and if not replace the cable with the new one. Or whether you connected the wrong cable (e. g crossover to straight – through cable) this will cause the network will failed to connect.

5. Trial and error.

These methods will help you and your network be properly connected and successfully link to the networks.

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