Unrecoverable Network Error on Windows XP

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Guys I need to know what that error all about. I am in the middle of online conversation when suddenly the connection was timed out and the screen with an error message came out! I restart the computer to think that the error will not exist but when I started to browse the internet the error message came out again!

I use a broadband modem as my internet connection. What would be the possible problem with this one? Can you state the error of this problem and maybe you have an idea how to fix this one. Post your answers here thanks!

An unrecoverable network error has occurred; application is forced to terminate.

Unrecoverable Network Error

An unrecoverable network error has

occurred; application is forced

to terminate.


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Unrecoverable Network Error on Windows XP


Dear Marshall,

  1. I am afraid that if it's attacked by any Trojan horse. But still there are solution about the matter. I don't know what antivirus you use. You can Scan the computer with a good antivirus. Check the internet settings, clear all the cookies.
  2. But one thing I recommend first using the safe mode pressing F8 while booting the PC and check if the problem exists or not. If not it is must a virus. Then you need to restore the system to an earlier time by Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore. This will totally solve your problem.
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Unrecoverable Network Error on Windows XP


Hi Marshall,

  • When you restart your PC did you check if your internet connection is up?
  • Try to browse first the other site if you can successfully view in your browser, also try to ping your IP address. Here's how you do it,
  • Just type ping -t (this is just an example you must put your IP after the ping) in the command prompt.
CMD prompt is connection time out
  • If you see in the CMD prompt is connection time out, restart your modem and router if you used one, then try again to ping.
  • After this and you try to ping again it you don’t see a time out then your connection is good, try to browse again a different site if you successfully view it your browser then try the site that has an error.
  • If the error cleans still there then download a CCleaner and your browse memory, if you don’t have a CCleaner in your PC then you can download it.
  • If the problem still persist at that site, but you can browse to the other site without having a problem, then it might have the possibility that the problem is the site itself,
  • The site must be temporarily shut down for some maintenance, you should try to visit it every 5 or 10 minutes until the site can be browse again.

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