Network error connection refused error message

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I am very new to Linux and PuTTy.exe application. I have installed the application on my windows XP machine. While trying to access the Linux server I get a connection refused error message.

I was able to work perfectly fine before 2 days, there were no changes done on both the machine.

I am able to do a Common prompt ping between 2 machines without a problem. But still I am not able to remotely connect to the Linux server using PuTTy.

Network error: Connection refused

PuTTY Fatal Error

Network error: Connection refused


Please let me know if you need any more instructions.

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Network error connection refused error message


Have you tried to access the WAN address or LAN address of your system? Any LAN address will never be accessible from the outside of the LAN of your system; you are also familiar that now most of the networks are alike so you were probably trying to access something during the work.

There might be another reason that your WAN IP has some other address or subject so you must check that. Or you can also use the service of the DNS which is dynamic in nature. You can use the following web to search that: 

Secondly you have to check whether your Antivirus is registered or not. If not then buy its premium membership or download the registered one, after registration. Update it to the latest version. So it can work accurately. Try to update the previous or the best thing is that uninstall it and download latest version and make sure that your system supports the latest version.

Another thing is that there might be some file corrupt or some virus is there which is resisting the running of your program so try to scan your computer and repair the windows and other files. Do this in normal mode or the best thing is to do it from safe mode.

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