Need to repair virus affected files

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I need to repair few virus affected files which are really important for me.

I have already tried the repair option with my Avast anti-virus, but it did not work.

Now I am not sure what to do.

I have searched for repair tools but could not find any.

Please someone help me recover this files for and help  me get rid of the problem.

Joey Fergus

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Need to repair virus affected files


Hi Joey,

Your problem is normal when the software your using is not being updated to a new one.

Upgrading will make your software to be better than the past it improves everything when you update it, so please in case you recover your files be sure that your antivirus will be updated.

So what are we going to do for you to recover your files?

Follow the easy simple steps and read very carefully.

1. Update you software for continuous protection.

2. There are several type of virus that affect your files look for the FF.

a. My files are all gone, and I can't find it on my drive.

b. My files become all exe and every time I open it there's a warning telling me that its already corrupted.

3. How can you recover your lost files?

Open the drive your been saving for your files. Click Tools>Folder Options>View tab> Click the View hidden files and folders>save

Now if there is/are blurred icons or files please High light it all then right click and uncheck hidden and then save. Noticed that some files are with duplicate. WAIT don't open your files yet. please choose all those files that you don't need and new to you. Now close the folder and please SCAN the whole drive.

4. All my files become EXE? You need to do this steps in the command prompt.

Go to Start –> Run –> CMD and press enter
Then type
attrib -r -a -s -h /s /d 

Press enter after this back to the files the will exe will not be gone, but the original files will show and please delete those files with exe. and like 3a Scan the driver first before opening it.

Note: When update comes please be sure that's the time your going to update it.

Hope it helps.

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Need to repair virus affected files



The problem you are experiencing isn’t unusual. Viruses are always very much present especially if your antivirus is not updated or if you happen to have no antivirus installed in your PC.

Recover My Files is a program recovers deleted or corrupted files, you can download the program at

Hope it helps.


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Need to repair virus affected files



Follow this instruction:

Go to "Start" menu and click on "Properties."

Choose the tab labeled "Performance" and then select "File System."

Click on "Troubleshooting" and then choose "Disable System Restore."

Open your anti-virus software and select "Update" to retrieve the most recent virus definitions and information.

This will benefit you when trying to delete or repair virus-infected files.

Scan your entire system using your anti-virus software. It will show a list of infected files at the end of the scan.

Right-click on each file you want to repair. Choose "Repair" from the context menu.

The anti-virus software will delete the virus and restore the original file if it is able to do so.

Hope you will enjoy it.

Thanking you
Franke Mary

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