Need more router information on EIGRP

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 What is EIGRP, and how is it used in routers?  I need to make a powerpoint presentation on this, so anything visual would be much appreciated.


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Need more router information on EIGRP


Hi Mr. Tristan Garrett,

EIGRP or what Your Called Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol is a network protocol that lets routers exchange information more efficiently than with earlier network protocols. EIGRP evolved from IGRP "Interior Gateway Routing Protocol" and routers using either EIGRP and IGRP can interoperate because the metric  used with one protocol can be translated into the metrics of the other protocol. EIGRP can be used not only for Internet Protocol networks but also for AppleTalk and Novell NetWare networks.

Using EIGRP, a router keeps a copy of its neighbor's routing tables. If it can't find a route to a destination in one of these tables, it queries its neighbours for a route and they in turn query their neighbours until a route is found. When a routing table entry changes in one of the routers, it notifies its neighbours of the change only "some earlier protocols require sending the entire table". To keep all routers aware of the state of neighbors, each router sends out a periodic "hello" packet. A router from which no "hello" packet has been received in a certain period of time is assumed to be inoperative.

Hope This Would Help To You.

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