Need little help with reboot

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Hello friends,

I need to format my pc. I am using P4, and I have only Windows XP cd.

I don't have other CDs like Motherboard, sound card, printer etc.

What shall i do?

Can I, after formatting, connect my pc to other pc and copy the drivers?

Please help.

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Need little help with reboot


Hello Jaxon.

Here's what I suggest:

1.  Go to your motherboard manufacturer's website.  You can verify your motherboard make and model by visually checking your motherboard.  There are also other ways of checking using software such as Speccy or CPUID HWMonitor PRO 1.17.

2.  Once you get on the website, look for the downloads section.  Usually, these sites will let you select the board model and the operating system.

3.  Look for the following drivers:

  • Motherboard chipset drivers
  • IDE drivers
  • Graphics drivers (if your board has on-board graphics)
  • Audio drivers (if your board has built-in sound)
  • Network card drivers (if your board has on-board LAN)

4.  If you have add-on graphics go to your graphic card manufacturer's website and download the appropriate drivers as well.

Be sure to store all the downloaded drivers to a different partition or a separate hard disk.  It would be better if it is on a hard disk because hard disks are readily accessible right after Windows XP installation.

Hope this helps!


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Need little help with reboot


Hi Dear,

You want to format your all computer. Dear you can easily format it with windows XP and after formatting you can easily install all drivers without contacting motherboard's manufacturer.

Simply format your all hard drive and reinstall windows.

When your desktop will show you or in other words when your computer will start. You have to visit a link

This website provides a free driver scanner. Install that into your computer and scan for drivers. It will open the drivers download page. Download all drivers from there and install them.

Restart your computer and enjoy.


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Need little help with reboot


I think you are confused. The motherboard is located inside the CPU and if you have Microsoft Windows XP, your computer should already have a sound card if you purchased your PC as a set. I don’t know with the printer but most of the time, when you buy a computer, the CPU already includes the sound card, video card, and network card.

Nowadays, motherboards come with built-in devices like the video card, sound card, and network card. That’s why you don’t need to buy them separately especially when you are just formatting your computer. Now, since you don’t have the installers for the drivers currently installed on your computer, might as well download a driver backup utility that will back up the drivers before you format your computer.

Try using DriverBackup! to back up the drivers on your computer. Once all the drivers have been backed up, you can proceed in formatting your Windows XP. Also, remember, you cannot just copy drivers from other computers and use them on your computer. They will not work. Drivers work according to the devices installed.

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