How to clear up unwanted programs on start up items

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How do I prevent the Task Scheduler from loading at startup?

Is any software available for removing shortcuts of programs at startup?

My Windows Explorer opens at startup even if there is no shortcut in startup folder.

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How to clear up unwanted programs on start up items


Hey Chloe!

It is very easy to disable the programs that you do not want on the startup of your windows.

There are two ways to stop unwanted programs.

Let us start with the first method.

1. Click on Start menu and select RUN. Type msconfig and press enter.

2. It will open the System Configuration Utility.

3. Click on the Startup button, you will see the list of all programs that opens in windows start-up.

4. Disable the programs which you do not want for your windows start-up. Just uncheck the box.

5. Click on OK and restart your system.

Second Method.

1. Click on Start button and go to program files.

2. Here find "Startup".

3. Take your cursor over it and it cascades to the right side. You can see the programs here which run on startup.

4. Delete them by pressing right click on it and selecting "Delete".

Next time you restart your computer, no unwanted program will be open.


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How to clear up unwanted programs on start up items


Hi Chloe,

There is another way to remove unwanted start-up programs from running on your computer. You can download the CCleaner software. (Download here:

The main feature of this software is to clean your Windows PC by deleting unwanted temporary file and also fixing registry issue. Aside from these features, another use of this software is to remove or disable any start-up application or software from running every time you switch on your Windows PC.

Download and install the software. Run the application then click on Tools. Selective Startup. You will see the list of programs and the location of the folder where that program is installed. You will also see the status of it, if it is enabled or Disabled. Before disabling or removing any program, check the File location first to know if this program should really be running during startup or not, just to make sure no further damage or issue will occur.


Fischarinta Cra

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How to clear up unwanted programs on start up items


Hello Tunacao_Caaron1, thanks a lot for the solution that you had given to me.

Now I know how get the unnecessary programs in the startup items.

You are very good, really beneficial. 

Big thanks too techy, this site is great at finding solutions.

I appreciated the above instructions for it really works! Thanks again.

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