Need to install sound card

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Hello, I have desktop computer. I use windows XP as my operating system. Problem occurred with my sound card when I install windows XP in my computer. My computer can not detect the sound card and I need the driver. But I don’t know how. Can anyone tell me how to set up the driver to get my sound back on my computer?

Please help me.

I am in very irritating situation. I need the instructions how to do it. 


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Need to install sound card

  •  Hello, it feels really bad when your computer is not working properly. You do not mention whether you have built in sound card or external. However I give you solution for both the case.
  • In case of built in sound card you need to install the Motherboard sound driver. You should get a Motherboard CD with your computer. Run that CD, there should be the sound card installer for your computer. If you don’t have the Motherboard CD then you need to download the sound card driver for your Motherboard.
  • In case of your sound card is external you need to install the sound card driver. It should come to you with your sound card. In case, you don’t have the driver for your sound card than you need to download from internet. You can find the proper driver for your sound card by searching with its model. I think this will help you to solve your sound problem. You seem new computer user through your question. If it does not work than specify your problem.
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Need to install sound card


Greetings Jack Hobs,

  • This may help to your problem
  • Installing the sound card is like any other device. It simply plugs in and your on the way. There are a few simply steps to take and your installation is over. Lets get with it.
  • First off make sure your grounded well. Make a habit of touching the power supply every so often to discharge any static electricity you may have built up.
  •  Unplug power from computer
  • Undo the case a little. This can be done by removing 4 screws on back of case.
  • Unscrew the case
  • Slide case panel off the case
  • -Identify your Card type and the slot it will use. Most cards run on a PCI slot. If you are using an ancient machine you could well have an ISA slot. ISA slots were phased out many years ago and are non existent anymore, but still its best to double check what slots you have on your motherboard.
  • Install the sound card like an other expansion card. Line it up and push down. It should fit with no problem.
  • Tighten Card Down
  • If you're having problems with the card push in from front side a little at first then to the back. Just wiggle it in a little then push in firmly from both sides till card seats.
  • Tighten card snug and screw it to the chassis
  • Now close case and reboot computer.
  • Windows should detect the card especially if it is plug and play.
  • You should have with you sound card some driver disks, use these to install the sound card. Follow the included manual for the sound card for details on this installation.
  • If you ran into problems with installation try going to start, settings, control panel and then add hardware icon.


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