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when I am trying to play AVI files in windows media player,it pop up error message saying “unsupported file format”,please anyone can help me to resolve this error

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Please follow the 3 Methods:
Method 1:
Search the internet for Divx codecs. You will need to download and install this one. After the installation, you should be able to play .avi files in Windows Media Player as the codes are already available.
Method 2:
You can download and install K-lite CODEC Pack. This code is a collection of codes and other related tools. In order to encode/decode a file like audio and video, you will need codecs. The K-Lite CODEC Pack was created as a user-friendly solution in order for you to play all the movies you have. When you have K-Lite CODEC Pack on your computer, you can play up to 99% of all your movies files that you have downloaded from the internet.
Method 3:
You can download and install VideoLan Client or VLC. It is used as a streamer, media player, and encoder for Windows, UNIX, MAC, PocketPC, and BeOS QNX. It can play almost all audio and video codes that you can think of. It has support for DVD, VCD, and SVCD and it can also read streams from your network with the optional support of trans-coding audio and video formats.
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Basically, the default media player of Microsoft Windows which is Windows Media Player can only play WMV, MPEG, and some Windows AVI files. If your Windows Media Player prompt you with an error when playing an AVI file then maybe that AVI file is not encoded with a Windows AVI codec. This can happen if the video file was created using DivX or Xvid video codec.

These video codec save the file in AVI format and if this is the case, your Windows Media Player may not be able to play the video. There is still a way you can play the AVI file written in DivX or Xvid codec on your Windows Media Player if you install an application that supports these codec like a video converter.

Normally, a video converter is packed with different video codec which when you install, some of the formats will be adapted by Windows Media Player. Try installing ImTOO MPEG Encoder.

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