Need help to pick up a usb hub- implications

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I am currently facing a problem, my laptop only has 3 usb ports and I have a lot of peripherals that need to be connected such as 3 external hard drives, ipods, ipads and many others. Can anyone point me to a good USB hub? Does it affect transfer speeds?

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Need help to pick up a usb hub- implications


USB do affect the transfer speed. There are many USB Hubs available in the market. Some of the best suited USB Hubs are listed below.

A.   Anker 7-port and 9-port powered USB 3.0 Hubs

B.   Belkin 2-in-17-Port USB 2.0 Hub

C.   Macally Mini 7 port USB 2.0 Hub

D.  Plugable 10 port powered USB 2.0 and 7 port USB 3.0 Hubs

E.   Monoprice USB hubs.

These are the best USB hubs in the market. If you need better transfer speed then you should go for USB 3.0 Hubs. They give you the better speed.

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