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I need fedora duplicate files utility software which can find duplicate files, remove duplicate files and automatically remove duplicate file in multimedia collections. Where can i find the free fedora duplicate files utility software ?

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Hi Kristina,

In order to find and delete duplicate files in fedora you will need a tool call fdupes.

It will search a given path for duplicates and such files are found by comparing its sizes and MD5 signatures, followed by a byte-to-byte comparison. Visit this link on how to remove duplicates using fdupes.

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Hi Kristina,
There are several software to remove duplicate files from the system as mentioned below.
The FreeDownload Manager software is used to check the duplicate file in Fedora.
1) Download the software from the FreeDownload Manager website
2) The software removes duplicate files in the folders and archives

The Remove Duplicate File Platinum 7.19 software is used to remove duplicate files.
1) Download the software from the Remove Duplicate Manager link
2) After installing the software remove the duplicate files present in the system