Necessities that would support the data center features

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Hi All,

I would like to ask your opinion on this matter. The wide area network has been shifting towards addressing the needs of data centers, not just branch offices. What are the necessities that would support the data center features? As i noticed, some of these are data migration, VDI, and DC consolidation. 

Any ideas?

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Necessities that would support the data center features


The idea is shifting to data centers is because most of the companies are centralizing their data so that they can reduce a lot of work and effort to manage the data, to control the environment and better security features. Users must be limited so that there is no need for a bigger team to work on the data.

That is why we have huge data banks all over the world because every organization, instead of making its own branch offices or data centers, goes to such data banks to collect information as it is for the good of both the company and for the security of data.

This idea also means that if you look from one perspective that the company is making more and more secure ways for the data and limited control, it is also giving a free control and access to the data who ever wants to use it. These people gather the data from all over the resources and put them in one single piece.

There is a concept of three pillars when we talk about this idea.

  1. The first one is Visibility. This deals with the fact that the pillar gives the information about the insight activity of all the network usage, performance and efficiency.
  2. The second is Control. This optimizes the network resources according to the specific traffic.
  3. The third one is Optimization. This usually operates for the changes in the network. What is going on in the network and what extra changes have been made in the network.

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