NAT restriction on the Xbox.

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I have an xbox 360 connecting wirelessly with my router. It was working fine before but yesterday when I tried accessing xbox live, it gives me a message about my NAT that is limiting my access to the internet. Do you have any idea why I'm getting this error message?

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NAT restriction on the Xbox.


Hello, this is the problem most of the Ps3 and Xbox 360 players face while trying to go online. You got to open your NAT first in this case to get connected. I’ll describe few steps and hopefully you’ll be able to open your NAT for your Xbox 360.

Here are the steps:

1) First go to My Xbox and then enter to System Settings
3) In system settings go to Network Settings
4) After you enter Network settings now you have to go to Configure Network.
5) You’ll see two options here scroll right and go to additional settings and in there go to Restore to Factory Defaults .( You should have your WEP KEY because this will restore all the settings and you might require to enter your WEP key again)
6) Now  to Rescan your Network and to connect again go back to system settings
7) Enter your WEP key when asked.
8) Now enter Configure settings and in that go to IP Address enter Manual and apply.
9) Go once again go to IP Address and this time enter Automatic and apply.
10) Now you have to use your PC , first go to your Router Setup Page .You will require  admin name and password for netgear settings. Just enter this (Admin: Admin – Password: Password)
11) Now on the left corner of your screen find UPnP.
12) Now you have to check that is its off, turn it on and leave router page. But if its on, you got to  turn it off and enter apply then wait for 15 seconds and again you have to Turn it ON now and enter apply. Now you got to wait for 15 seconds and after that leave router page.
13) Now go to your Xbox Live Test and confirm if its Open.

Hope this will work.
If its now successful then:

·         When you’ll reset UPnP turn your router off for 5 to 8 minutes then turn on your router and wait 10 minutes.

·         Unplug the network adapter.

·         And then retest the connection.



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NAT restriction on the Xbox.


Good day,


1.Turn off your console and network hardware (for example, your modem and router).
2.Wait 30 seconds.
3.Turn on your modem and wait for it to come back online (approximately one minute).
4.Turn on the next piece of hardware (for example, the router), and wait another minute.
5.Repeat step 4 for every additional piece of network hardware.
Now test your connection again as described above. If you still receive a NAT warning, please try the next solution
Jacksonn Maria

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