My server log in details are not functioning well

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I was successful to log in using one of the 2003 Servers with IE6. However when I logged in the 2008 Server with IE8, I encountered a problem; the old page was displayed. Now, I cannot even reboot the servers. I decided to try the “gpupdate” but nothing changed. I found out that there are no problems with the homepage according to RSOP and GPO but then I do not understand why this occurs.

I have checked the inetres.adm file that is on the server but it looks fine to me. I also copied the file to another server, (c:windowsie8), just to be sure it is the right one. However, there is a template that shows the following: 2003 with IE6 works OK; 2003 with IE8 fails; and 2008 with IE8 fails. With these, I assumed that the problem could probably be the IE8. In addition,

I verified the applied GPO and run gpresult but none of this defined such a URL. As I conclude, I use a domain with 2 DCs which are both 2003 and I have many servers which are mixed of 2003 and 2008.

Can anyone assist me on finding out what issue I am having?

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My server log in details are not functioning well


Hello Jill,

Sorry to hear your problem regarding server 2008. You can do the methods below to be able to fix your problem and log in successfully on your server:

  • Via SQL server management, install mssql server 2008
  • On the log in windows, type in the CORRECT host name of server management
  • Create a new user for example sql server and so on
  • On your computer, set SQL account
  • Go to manage, and then SQL server
  • Go to  properties and then restart service
  • In administrator group, add SQL server
  • You also need to add MQSSL
  • Restart your computer for changes to take effect
  • Log in again

You can also try to install Service pack 1 as a back up in case the method don't work for you.


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