My Server has SBS 2003

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Hi all,

My Server has SBS 2003 installed on it, which is running Exchange 2007. Whenever users on the network try to send emails to a private source they just go into a queue and never leave. But if the same user tries to send on to @yahoo, @msn, @gmail etc. it is fine and goes straight through.

I have looked into it and I am not on any sort of blacklist. The mails for the companies that won´t send have been sent many times before with no issues so I know they don´t have a problem.  I tried it with my own personal domain and that won´t work either. 

The internet works great and I can access the websites of the people I am trying to email.  I need help with this any advice would be appreciated.

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My Server has SBS 2003



You should check your server if there is an application running in the background that filters email addresses either inbound or outbound. This is probably what’s causing the problem with the private email that would not be sent even if you already tried it a couple of times and just stays on queue. If you are indeed running a program that does this then this is probably what’s preventing it from sending. Check its configuration or if it is not that important you may consider uninstalling it from the server.

You may also try checking your machine for possible virus infection. Update your antivirus then run a full system scan on your whole server.

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