How to connect switches with Routers?

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I have three types of switches. One is 35 series, other is 29 series and the last one is 45 series as core switch and I have also a router but it is not already connected.

Now my question is, how will I connect the switch and router and how can I configure them. How to use the Internet with the help of router? I have ISA FIREWALL. I want to connect this firewall with router and switches. Please tell me how to connect them each other.


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How to connect switches with Routers?



Hi Stalker00987,
You did not mention the operating system you are currently using, in order to answer with proper instructions.  You must take the settings according to your operating system.
First of all you need to know that you can also use a switch as a router. Routers, Hubs and switches do most of the things same alike.
You need to enable TCP/IP protocol on both computers to enable the sharing of network i.e, Internet.
You need to give each network(switch in this case) a unique IP that should have the same last 2 digits. e.g, this one >>> and >>>>
Here 19 network is having the other side, which may be connected to the switch and the IP is to be connected with the other switch and collectively they both are to be connected with a router.
The last step is that the router be connected with Internet protocol.
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How to connect switches with Routers?



Please elaborate on the Network Template or network configured in your ISA Firewall. What kind of router do you have? Just an access point router? For a single ISA Firewall, it is best to set it up as EDGE firewall. So, the connection of your physical LAN will be like this:










What cable do you used? UTP Cable? If thats the case, then, connect all nodes with a straight-through UTP Cable.

ISA Server must have two NICs(Network Card or usually known as LAN Card). One connected to the modem or internet connection from your ISP (internet Service Provider). The other NIC is used to connect to your Internal Network. Through this connection, you can have a fully firewalled network since no internet connection or external connection can go through your network unless check and allowed by your ISA Server.   

Now this is appropriate for, when the router you mentioned is an access point so that you can also control the wifi or wireless connection in your network. Your ISA Server will be the one to delegate IP address range for the wireless connection. All these depends on your settings, configuration in the ISA Server.

Let me know if your router is not simply for wifi. If  its a high end router, then you can interchange its position with the core switch. Just as long as the internet connection should pass through your ISA server first to be secured.

Hope this helps.


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