My phone can’t connect to Kerio Mailserver 7

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Hi there.  I'm having problems connecting with Kerio Mailserver 7 using Kerio Connect on my phone.  I'm having a "can't connect to server" error.  I have an iPhone 4 that is still on iOS 4.  Any ideas why I'm having this error?  Thanks in advance.

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My phone can’t connect to Kerio Mailserver 7



Hi there Dorothy Davis,
The first thing you should do is to check your if your internet connection is working and if your phone have the access to the internet.
Once you're sure it's not the internet connection issue, try the following:
When logging in, use the full email address instead of the username. 
If that doesn't work, check if the Kerio MailServer is running on the computer you are trying to connect to. 
Also, keep in mind that you can't connect to the administration if you don't have admin privileges, so if this is a problem try using the admin account to access the mail server.
Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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