My PC crashes at least once a day

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My PC at least crashes once a day. It gives me various error messages like, cache manager error, memory management error, bad header pool. Why is this?

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My PC crashes at least once a day


If you are using Windows 7.

I think you made some sort of piddles software or component changes?

Pursue these points and analyze.

1. I think you run the show troubleshooter which analyzes issues, is cause of slowing down system.

Unresolved the recital repairer:

A) It’s possible that you try to flush into safe mode to check. In safe mode Windows 7 runs with a specific set of files and drivers. Develop the steps to resuscitate the computer in Safe Mode:

i. Go to Start and push the system for Restart.

ii. Push F8 continuously on Starting Windows.

iii. Here you will find Advance Boot Options Window.

iv. Here Select Safe Mode Option.

On selecting Safe Mode your System will start in Safe Mode.

B) If this doesn’t help, you may organize the computer in Clean Boot and Check. This Option will thoroughly check your HDD as a whole. 

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My PC crashes at least once a day


Hey Mandy,

I guess many are facing the similar problem, these happens if some of the windows files gets deleted accidently or gets infected by virus, instead of correcting one by one through many steps the easiest way to get rid of such problems, is by re-installing the windows or using recovery of windows file option.

This will replace the missing windows file so that everything works properly, also install an anti-virus (full version) if you are using Original windows than you can download the best one for free from it is called “Microsoft security essential”.

Also check if our system is getting overheated.

Hope this helps.

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My PC crashes at least once a day


Thank you very much for your help Amoyo Augustin. I reformat my pc but the problem still happens. I don't have a choice to consult a technical and there was a damage to my motherboard.

The only solution was to changed the motherboard.


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