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My mobile is restarting when I use any of its software though its a new one. What should I do?

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Your mobile is restarting.because you are using Nokia 6303i classic. Nokia is a well known company but this model has created many problems. This phone often restarts itself and often restarts when you use any software. You have to update its software. To update its software you have to go your nearest Nokia care. Going there your problem will solve. If you are unable to go there you can use nokia PC suite. You find this software in your PC suite CD or download it from the site. Using this software you can update and I hope you have got your answer. If it doesn't work replace it with new model of Nokia or another brand.

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I think your phone and memory card has many viruses and as a result of it your mobile is restarting. You should scan your mobile by update Antivirus. You can format  your phone memory and memory card then you can install new software. If this way do not solve your problem, you should flash your mobile because I think your software is low. I think these two ways will solve your problems.