Make Nokia 6300 to work like a webcam

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How do I make my candy bar phone to capture the video and stream it to my computer simultaneously?

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Make Nokia 6300 to work like a webcam


All you need here is a Bluetooth Dongle and some compatible softwares. You can then download  "Mobile BT Webcam" from the Nokia Software website. This application will convert your mobile phone into a Bluetooth Webcam. Once you download it turn On the Bluetooth of your mobile phone and give application access privileges to multimedia and run the Mobile BT Webcam. It runs  perfect with MSN, Yahoo Messenger and Skype.

One more thing you can try is get the right software or application which is compatible and  runs with your Nokia 6300. I would suggest you to give these softwares a try:-

1- EyeSpyFX Webcam

2- SMS wizard Lite

Use a USB Cable while doing this.

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Make Nokia 6300 to work like a webcam


Besides using your Nokia phone as replacement for webcam, you can also use any Android Smartphone as a webcam alternative so you won’t have to buy an extra webcam for this purpose. If your Smartphone has an excellent camera then it would be a great replacement instead of using an actual webcam.

  • First, you need to download the Remote Web Desktop application from Google play | Remote Web Desktop. It supports Android 2.0 and up. Install it on your phone afterwards.
  • Open it next then go to Web Desktop tab and then set your own password. Don’t change anything besides the password.
  • If you are planning to use the phone’s 3G data connection put a check on Bridge Mode then type your email address on the box below. Tap on Start Server afterwards.
  • Next, start your computer then open your web browser. Enter the URL or the web address displayed at the bottom of the application like for example “”.
  • If you previously selected Bridge Mode then you will be asked for the email ID. Enter the email address and the password when asked.
  • Select the Webcam option to use your phone’s camera as webcam.
  • Finally, open any application like Yahoo! Messenger or Skype to test your Smartphone webcam.

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