My LG TV is not being connected to Wi-Fi

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Hello everyone,

I have purchased new LG TV (model LG 55LA965W-ZA) and it is working so nicely.

But, I am facing one issue with that. It is not able to recognize the Wi-Fi at my home. I have started facing this problem after I did an update of firmware. My router works fine looks like and when I try to connect to it, it is asking for username and password. When I am entering the correct password also it is not accepting it. Same time I am able to connect my smartphone to Wi-Fi.

What is the problem with my TV? Any issue with the latest firmware? Please advise. Thanks a lot in advance!

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My LG TV is not being connected to Wi-Fi


According to what you said, there isn't a problem with the Wi-Fi, but with the TV itself. 

I know what causes the problem and the solution is very simple without any additional complications:

Your LG TV model has a problem with recognizing a certain number of characters. Apparently the wireless settings on the respective model doesn't allow passwords with spaces in them. For example if your passphrase contains a space in it, change the space into a "_" or something else because the character encoding on the TV does not recognize the space and stops at the first one.

It is true that the WPA standard DOES support space in passwords, but the LG TV doesn't, so this is a simple resolution to what your problem is.


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