HP Compaq laptop won’t open after falling down

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It is 3/4 years of old laptop. Model :Hp Compaq 8510p Laptop Notebook Pc 2 GHz Core 2 Duo.

Recently when I was going to insert a modem to the USB port, it fell down on the floor. After that it shows some troubles in using. Such as:
1. When I try to switch on again & again it does not work.
2. The desktop frozen suddenly in the running.
3. Takes shut down without any command.
Now the program does not open. When I press the power switch it shows the following message on the monitor: "We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully". Everyone know that is a common message of Windows XP. I tried to install the operating system. At first it takes start to setup the OS. But after a few minute it becomes stopped.
Is it a problem in the motherboard?
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HP Compaq laptop won’t open after falling down


I don't think it is a motherboard problem Mechele burfeind.

It's a good idea that you re-install your Windows XP OS. However, I recommend that you do not just re-install but instead do a fresh install. Not just recovery installation but fresh install. To do this, format the partition where you want to install your Windows XP.

This is included in the installation steps if you follow through the installation CD/DVD. Next, after making a clean disk after format, you will then proceed with the installation. If there are problems after this, like it stopped, then you'll have to consider the possibility of hard disk damage. Try inserting a new hard disk and see if the problem occur.

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HP Compaq laptop won’t open after falling down

Hi! Mechele burfeind,
I don’t think it is a problem in the motherboard. It may be a problem of any component (including motherboard). First of all check that it doesn’t cause any hardware problem.
If the hardware is ok then you might be switch to completely install a fresh copy with your windows genuine CD’s. Install all the drivers for the applications software, configure it properly and then restart your computer. Check if it's working properly, else the best way is to call the experts.

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