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When I install Redhat Linux 5 or Cent OS 5 on my laptop, it installs perfectly but when it reboots & starts then its only show non GUI mode.

I mean no graphical interface. It shows ‘no X Windows server’. 

My laptop is HP Probook 4430s.

Can you help me, thanks?

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Hi Moron,

First of all I would like to say that your name was amazing.

Can I have that one? 

Okay here it goes. Base on your testimony about your error of something like that. It shows that you did something wrong about your application in your system. The fact that you reboot your system the conflicts was in that action. 

And I see that you’re having a problem in the compatibility in your system and your application. So I suggest that before you install that application be sure that your system was applicable to run it. Because sometime that was the cause of the error we encountered. 

This would help.


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Your HP Probook 4430s is a business notebook combine a great ID. It is compatible with many new and modern features. You can install the genuine version of windows 7, vista and windows  XP. It can also support the SUSE Linux enterprise 11. 

You can try Microsoft windows 7 or windows XP. 

Windows 7 is really a nice operating system. You can try it. Or, you can try Linux operating systems. You should also have to give the drivers that support Linux. 

Try to upgrade the Linux drivers of VGA,Chipset and Audio  drivers. By this way you can solve your problem.

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Hi Moron001.

Red Hat 5 is a very robust Enterprise OS based on Linux. It is used worldwide by enterprises who want a stable, rock-solid OS that's suitable for 24/7 operation. CentOS 5 is basically a carbon-copy of Red Hat 5 when it comes to stability but without the 24/7 tech support that comes with Red Hat 5. While both OSes can boast of excellent stability, one thing it doesn't have is support for the latest cutting-edge hardware that come out almost every day. In order to maintain it's rock-solid reputation, Red Hat and CentOS intentionally do not provide driver support for the latest hardware.

Your HP Probook 4430s is most definitely cutting-edge hardware. So it comes as no surprise that Red Hat/CentOS does not have driver support for it. If you want a Linux distro that comes close to Red Hat but will run on your hardware then try the latest version of Fedora. Fedora is a sort of test bed for the latest Linux updates and supports new hardware as they come out. Only the best software and drivers that prove stable on Fedora make it to the next release of Red Hat.

Hope this helps.