My “IRC network” has been disabled a few months with some problem

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I have a great problem with my desktop PC. My IRC network has been disabled for a few months and I can't communicate with my office colleagues and I can't perform my duties. Besides that many of my folders and files are disabled to open,cut or delete and in some folders dmsetup.exe file is found as a stranger file to me and my whole computer is at risk.

Could you suggest me on what I can do now?

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My “IRC network” has been disabled a few months with some problem



This file is a Trojan attack that affected the older versions of mIRC in 1990's, it seems to be making a comeback. The Trojan auto replicates within your hard disk, creates a fake mirc.ini and seemingly logical scripting and populates itself into a system file that cannot be deleted easily and becomes the carrier. 
When the carrier PC logs on to mIRC, the script sends itself to the joiners within the room and performs an auto /quit from IRC with a particular keyword. The infected PC then can no longer access mIRC. Here is a secure solution in deleting the DMSETUP.EXE instance on your computer.
1. Run "Task manager" > "Processes tab" > Stop mircrem.ini
2. Start > Run > Type "MSCONFIG">>>> Startup tab > disables all > Ok > Restart
3. Delete the following files from drive C:
C:dmsetup.exe; C:configg.sys; C:mircdmsetup.exe; C:mircmircrem.ini; C:mircbackup0412.ini; C:windowsdmsetup.exe; C:Program filesdmsetup.exe
NOTE: Cleaning your internet cache would also help 
4. Run Superantispyware app and scan your primary partition/drive. 
5. Restart your PC.
Helpful tips and articles are available on this link
This page helps in preparing you fro future attacks from known and unknown Trojan and VB SCRIPT attacks via mIRC.
Hope this helps.


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