My Hp LaserJet Printer can’t print Error: 13.6

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Hello, I a having some printing problem in my hp laser printer. During printing one of the pages is getting jammed in the fuser and showing ERROR 13.6. I switched the machine on again but found no success. Please give me some suggestions that can help me. Thanks.

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My Hp LaserJet Printer can’t print Error: 13.6



Turn off your printer and check thoroughly whether there is any paper or portion of the paper available there. If you find them try to get them out carefully. You can use some common tools for the purpose.

However, make sure there is no paper/portion of a paper is available in the printer. You can also remove the printer cartridge from the printer and check again to that part.

You should keep your printer free from dust. Insert the cartridge again properly. Now switch on your printer and try to print a test page. If it does not work in this way contact respective customer care or a good technician.   

I hope you understand it.


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