Missing Partition after copying content

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I have the following drives/partitions on my system.

C: System where windows is,

D: Drive where I place my movies and song collections,

F: Install and download drive,

C: Was running low on space so I decided to give it some extra space from F: After this, I went to partition magic 8 and allocated extra 600MB space for C: from,  just to keep windows run properly.

I pressed apply and it restarted but didn’t do anything in reboot. I turned off my pc and when it restarted, my F drive was lost.

I am totally clueless on what has happened. Any help please?

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Missing Partition after copying content


When you are unable to see one of your partitions, that simply means that drive/partition might be corrupted or lost. This may happen after installation of operating system, accidental deletion, incorrect manipulation or virus infection. But there is nothing to worry when you lost a partition You do not initially lost everything but just the parameters that mark how partition is setup.

First of all, I will advice you to never use Partition Magic inside of windows, instead use boot diskettes. Now the problem, I think it is not simple partition table error. I think that the software has made a real muck of your file system which is not recoverable. You can try partition recovery software. But if you are unable to recover partition then I will recommend you to use data recovery program that ignores MFT. This will at-least make you be able to get some of your important stuff back.

Another useful choice might be using Partition Table Doctor. This software comes with a number of useful functions like backup, restore, rebuild partition table. Run the program and then select “Rebuild Partition Table” and then choose “Interactive” mode.

Another way can be by using following steps.

  1.  Restart computer with windows installation cd > and go to repair option.
  2.  Where the DOS like screen appears, type “fixboot” and hit enter. Restart system.

Also, leave everything alone. Do not delete or add new things as it is difficult to restore, when you rewrite something to your deleted partition.

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Missing Partition after copying content


Hi Dixon,

I heard that you were looking for your lost driver. Well, maybe it was not lost.  Your system did not just display the drive. Well, for you to be able to check if it was really lost or not, just follow the instruction below:

How to Check if the driver is lost or not?

  1. Go to "START" menu.
  2. Right Click the "COMPUTER" or "MY COMPUTER".
  3. Click the option "MANAGE".
  4. Click the "STORAGE".
  5. Then click "DISK MANAGEMENT", check if your drive F is not in the list, if not, then you can recover it from there.

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