My computer speed slowed down

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My computer is already 7 years old. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse.

I just recently added a new part to my computer, and it just suddenly slowed down.

I tried to take out the new part I got, but it still doesn't want to go back to its old speed. What do I do?

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My computer speed slowed down


Hello Shaider,

          Since you haven’t specifically tell what part of your computer you have added, the best thing that you can do is to clean your system, like removing programs that you don’t usually use, this is to clean up the computer’s memory, and to free more data space on your hard drive, specifically the system drive which the drive C:. You can also defrag your hard drive, just run the windows defragmenter on the system tools. Or maybe your computer could be full of adware, spyware or even viruses, all these programs literally take over the functioning of your computer. To get rid of these programs, and prevent them from installing, you need an up to date firewall and anti-virus removal programs that must be running at all times. Lastly, there are many free and paid system utility programs that you can download on the net which you can also install in your computer.

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My computer speed slowed down


Hi Shaider,

I am writing some steps. By following these steps you can increase your computer speed

1.  Free up disk space such as remove temporary internet files, empty recycle bin, delete optional windows component that you don't use.

2. On a regular basis, run the disk clean up and disk fragmentation that will speed up your computer performance.

3. Detect and repair disk errors by running error checking utility that will scan the hard drive for bad sectors and scans for file system errors.

4. Remove spyware and always safe your computer from viruses by installing license version anti virus software.

By using these steps you can increase your computer speed


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My computer speed slowed down


You should check if your computer memory is running low.

Also, make sure that you only have one anti virus program running.

Then try and defrag your computer. It will delete the files that are bulking up your memory.

If you done all these yet you still have the slow computer, please consult a computer technician.

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My computer speed slowed down


As you have mentioned your computer is already 7 years old, have you tried to reformat it?

If not consider reformatting your computer. Could be your OS might have been infected with a computer virus. 

Or you have unused old files on your computer. Get rid of them too because they too affect your computer’s performance.  

Or maybe there a lot of applications installed on your computer you can as well check that out, delete what’s unnecessary. 

If doing these would still left your problem unresolved then your computer might be worn out and you need to consider buying a new one.

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My computer speed slowed down


Best and simplest way to boost PC performance is to use the following tools:

  • Disk Defragmenter
  • Disk Cleanup
  • Repair registry errors
  • Scan your PC for viruses at least once in a month

For repairing registry errors download and install Reginout System Utilities.

This will boost your computer performance for sure.

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