My computer freezes when I do heavy tasks

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So, there is this new annoying thing my computer keeps on doing whenever I begin doing heavy tasks with it. It will run smoothly but as soon as I begin doing heavy tasks, for instance open Photoshop and start video streaming, the screen freezes and speakers start making annoying noises. I have not done any over clocking or improvements on the PC. What could be wrong?

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My computer freezes when I do heavy tasks



Computer has a limit that it can handle. This limit depends on your hardware mostly and on software as well.

If there’s less RAM space in your system, it’ll become frozen soon as all the heavy applications store their process data into RAM and if the space is low, they’ll run slow.

CPU is also a major fact. If your CPU is less than 3 GHz, it would run slow as Photoshop and video streaming require high speed and better processing.

Upgrading your RAM and CPU is recommended if they’re on low amount. For heavy task like photo editing, video streaming etc., 8GB is recommended. If your OS is 32-bit, you have to change it to 64-bit. Almost all the CPU developed today is designed with 64-bit system.

There are few software like CCleaner, Wise Care 365, TuneUp Utilities etc. that can tweak your system and increase the speed.

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