My C Drive is out of Space

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I am using Windows XP Home Edition  and it keeps telling me that my Drive C has ran out of space. When I checked on the properties, I still have a lot of free spaces available. But I still did a lot of troubleshooting to fix the issue. I run the Antivirus and found 0 error. I cleaned the disk space, defragment, and deleted some files and data but these did not change anything.

My system has two (2) partitions. One is my primary drive or the Drive C: where my Windows operating system is installed and the other one is Drive D:  I already deleted all my files on this drive hoping that it could fix the error, but nothing happened. My hard disk has 320 GB on Hard Disk Drive, 2 GB DDR2, with Intel Dual Core 3.0 GHz. And I don’t have a lot of stuffs or applications installed in my computer.

I used to surf the web but I don't download different applications and software especially if they are not really needed. I keep my system updated for automatic downloads of new updates or features of the software already installed in my computer.

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this error? Why it keeps appearing on my system tray when I still have a lot of space on my HDD?

Please help.

Low Disk Space







Low Disk Space
You are running out of disk space on Local Disk (C:). To free space on this drive by deleting old or
unnecessary files, click here.
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My C Drive is out of Space



When a low disk space warning occurred, then click  the message and follow these steps and run the Disk Cleanup wizard. The tool will automatically scan your hard drives for the unnecessary files and then, remove the unwanted file safely. Sometimes, it will work.

Other method is to move the files from C: partition. From the system drive, you cannot cut and paste the files to other partitions because these system files are marked as read-only. You should uninstall some programs from the control panel to free some space.

The two methods above can solve the problem temporarily. The easy and quick way to solve low disk space problem is to merge partitions to increase size. And eventually, the low disk space warning will be fixed.


How to increase partition size

There are different types of software in the market which do the partition. Partition magic software can easily resize the partition to increase the system C: drive. The partition magic software is not for free but there are other alternative software which can do the same thing.

Ø      Start the partition wizard then a window will open which shows all the partition drives.

Ø      Right click on the drive which you want to resize.

Ø      Every drive has some uncollected space behind it. So drag the drive to the other drive wherein you want to increase the space.

Ø      After that, click the Ok button so that  the partition of the C: will be extended.

Ø      Restart your computer.

After all these, you will never see the LOW DISK SPACE ERROR anymore.

Thank you.

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My C Drive is out of Space


Hello Peter,

The message about  "Low on disk space" is the problem with your Drive C: so make sure that your drive  C:  has enough disk space to house your operating system and other application programs. Basically, you need at least 10 Gigabytes of free space on your drive C: that is based on your hard drive capacity.

Even if you are deleting files on your drive D:, it is not quite helpful, because when you are running application programs, the drive C:  is the working partition for the page file, temporary files and swap files. Also, your System Restore Points consumes disk space, so make it a habit to delete the old restore points of your system to free up space.

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My C Drive is out of Space


I followed your solutions and it helped me a lot.

Thanks Expert for helping.

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