My battery is not charging

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I plugged the battery of my laptop but it is not charging. Does my computer have a problem or I have to replace my battery? What is the other reason that causes it?

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My battery is not charging



At first you should make sure the PC has been charging from the electric power plug for at least few hours before trying to unplug it. You should change your battery to solve this problem forever. Charging issue is related mainly with the battery. You should check your battery cable first before buy a new battery, because sometimes battery cable may damage for various reason. So you should test it in your friend’s laptop.

If your Battery AC adapter damages then you should replace it.

The final solution is to update your bios system version, that’s a effective solution for some kinds of laptop. You can download it from



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My battery is not charging


If your laptop is not charging after connecting the charger, check if the charger is connected properly to the power outlet. If the battery still doesn’t charge, disconnect the charger from the laptop then shut down or turn it off. Connect the charger back then verify if the LED indicator is activated.


If the LED indicator for charging doesn’t activate, turn your laptop upside down and open the battery compartment. Remove the battery. Make sure the charger is not connected before you disconnect the battery. Once the battery is removed, connect the charger back and try turning on the laptop. See if the laptop turns on with only the charger connected but without the battery.

Your laptop should turn on in this setup. In this case, you have a broken battery which needs a replacement. Until you buy a new battery, you can continue using your laptop with only the charger connected. It’s like converting it into a mini desktop.

On the other hand, if it doesn’t turn on, you have a problem with your charger. You need to find a different charger that is working to test your laptop. If your laptop still doesn’t work on another charger, you need to go visit a repair shop to check on your laptop for power problem.

But if your laptop works, you need to replace your charger with a new one.

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