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Hello Everyone,

Recently, I've purchased an Airport Extreme base station, which I wanted to use as a Wireless access point. I’ve 30 Mac and 10 PC's. I just wanted to use all the  wireless networks, using Airport Extreme base station but it's totally not working. I can't figure out what's the main problem in it.  Is there any one who can give me an in depth information about airport extreme base station.


Sikaner Mondol

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Dear Jayyan,

Do you have a connection to the Ethernet cable and also you have mentioned that you have 30 Mac and 10 PC's. Did you check all the computers, if  their wireless is already enabled.

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Yes, I've already checked all the computers but I didn't connect the Ethernet cable. After connecting the Ethernet cable with my Airport Extreme, now I'm getting responses from my Access point. But I think not all the computers under the access point are connected with WiFi. Some are connected and some are not.



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Ok, could you please reset your Airport to your Extreme. To reset your Airport base station, open Airport utility in Application, then Utilities, then select Airport utility, then check for updates. Install the most recent firmware; connect the base station to power; now press and hold the reset button after few minutes and release the button. Here is your base station, it has soft reseated. Thanks.


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It's working, I've followed your instruction and am able to use my Airport Extreme as wireless access point but it seems to me that, some of my computer is not getting wireless signal. Do you have any suggestion?



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Could you please do one thing. You are using only one airport extreme base station for your access point, connect one more base station or router with your Airport Extreme base station. Because sometimes you know Airport extreme base station can't provide enough signals. In that case, you can make a bridge using Express base station or a  third party router.



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Hi there,

Could you please try with factory default resetting. For factory reset, you have to Unplug the base station from power; then press and hold the reset button, then plug the base station back in, while continuing to hold the button down, for 3 seconds until the three status lights glow. Hope this will help you.