My A4tech webcam display is all black.

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My A4tech webcam display is all black. The lens covering is already down. Is my webcam failing on me?

I don’t understand since I have just used this webcam a few hours ago and it’s been working perfectly.

Now, when I try to take a picture all it shows is a black window nothing else.

Is it a loose connection or maybe some virus disrupting the display?

I have tried to scan my files for viruses (I have Norton), but it comes clean. Is there a way to fix it?

I have already restarted my CPU many times hoping it will fix it, but still it remains.

Maybe it’s time for me to buy a new webcam?

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My A4tech webcam display is all black.


Solution 1:

Remove the existing drivers of the webcam and uninstall the program installed with it together as well. Then start reinstalling it once again. The reason it turned black is that there might be a conflict with some programs you installed earlier.

Solution 2:

If there is still warranty, then use it because it might be the lens that broke down. It is a possibility since all device are prone to damages. The lens is the most problem the webcam is facing that's why I think you try have it replaced. Also ask for technicians if the can repair it and see if its repairable.

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My A4tech webcam display is all black.


If the camera is not connected on your computer, you won’t see that on your screen. But since you have that on your screen, it means the camera is connected. It’s just that it displays all black. To troubleshoot, first, try transferring the camera to another USB port and try again.

Also, make sure the driver is already installed because you will also get the same screen if no driver is installed.

Though most generic webcams you can buy on local stores don’t come with a driver CD because Microsoft Windows can detect them and use the built-in drivers, if the webcam you bought comes with a CD, it means the device doesn’t have a generic driver in Microsoft Windows and it has its own driver to make it work.

If your webcam comes with a CD, install the driver from the CD to make your camera work. You can also download A4TECH drivers from A4TECH Support – Driver Download. Here, enter your product’s model number in “OPTION 1” to search for your product’s driver easily or try “OPTION 2” to look for your product by category.

Once you located your product, select it then download the driver according to your operating system.

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